Healing Vibrations DNA is following the current Covid-19 guidelines and is currently closed for in office sessions. I am currently working at a distance (over the phone) to help clients, new and current, to release the anxiety and emotional stress, fear and anger of the unknown. Please call or text Valerie at (509) 343-4263 for more information.

Reiki Healing in Spokane, WA


Reiki is a modality that utilizes the energy of Source (God) coming through my hands. At Healing Vibrations, I aid in clearing the chakras, meridians, and any place in the physical or nonphysical body that has congestion. This blockage could either be from stress or negative and limiting thought or belief patterns that create disharmony in any part of these bodies.

This technique can also be used over areas of pain. Some clients experience seeing colors or warmth radiating through their bodies. They may even feel like something is leaving their bodies, while others may fall asleep.


Ra-Sheeba Reiki

Find your true path home with Ra-Sheeba Reiki. This “new again” healing energy works on your chakras by changing the electromagnetics and DNA of your energy fields. As the Ra-Sheeba symbols are drawn over your body, their energies come directly from Source and are not filtered through the healer as with regular Reiki. By receiving the undistorted energy, you'll receive pure energy vibrations to utilize in healing your body. Learn more about Reiki by calling our office in Spokane, WA at (509) 343-4263.